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Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades

Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades

Enjoy Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades in the Tri-City Areas

Nothing gives a more finished or tailored look than a single, neat shade that has the potential to completely disappear, allowing your stunning architecture – or that inspiring view – to take front stage.

Alta Roller Shades

Fashion Style Options

Screen Fashion Style Roller Shades by Alta at Classic Window Fashions

Extensive array of colors, weaves and openness factors ranging from 1% to 10%. Bacterial- and fungal-resistant materials, plus FR and outdoor grade choices.

Decorative Fashion Style Roller Shade

Elegant selection of textures, patterns, color combinations, and grass-like styles provide valued privacy and gently filter incoming light.

Blackout Fashion Style Roller Shade

Featuring the ultimate in privacy, light blocking and durability, the full blackout collection also helps insulate windows and reduce energy costs. Styles range from solids to decorative textures.

Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades
Alta Roller Shades available in the Tri-Cities area

Control Options

Alta Roller Shades Touchlift Cordless
Touchlift Cordless

Shade raises gently and automatically with a slight pull on the bottom hem. Shade lowers manually by pulling on the bottom hem.

Rechargeable Simplicity Roller Shades
Rechargeable Simplicity

Economical RF motorization system operates by remote control and the batteries are rechargeable for extra cost savings and convenience.

Powerwand Roller Shades

The wand and pendant operation lifts and lowers shades with the touch of a button. PowerWand is affordable and rechargeable, too.


Robust battery-operated motorized system with enhanced programming is ideal for independent or grouped operation of multiple shades. Compatible with myLink Home Automation.

Clutch Lift Roller Shades
CLutch Lift

For the ultimate ease of operation, our clutch control lets you operate the shade by pulling on a beaded chain to position the shade exactly where you want it.

Alta Roller Shades available at Classic Window Fashions
Alta Roller Shades available in the Tri-Cities area

Design Options

Cassette Valance Roller Shades
Cassette Valance

The sleek cassette with matching fabric insert hides the roller mechanism and provides a finished look.

Fascia Roller Shades

For a neat look on shades with clutch lift or RemoteLift. The flat painted profile fits beautifully in contemporary decors.

Deluxe Valance Roller Shades
Deluxe Valance

Matching fabric slides through grooves for a streamlined, coordinated look. The built-in dust cover protects the shade.

Fabric Valance Roller shades
Fabric Valance

The separate fabric valance hides the hardware for a beautiful finished appearance. Fabric valance is mounted on a wood dust cover.

Pocket Headrail Roller Shades
Pocket Headrail

Aluminum pocket headrail conceals and protects the shade mechanism. Sleek appearance./p>

Two-On-One Cassette Roller Shades
Two-On-One Cassette

Keep large spans of windows looking clean and uniform by putting two roller shades on one continuous headrail. While they look like one shade, they operate independently.

Regular Roll Roller Shade
Regular Roll

Comes standard and has no valance or top treatment. It rolls close to the glass, reducing light gaps.

Reverse Roll Roller Shades
Reverse Roll

Shade has no valance for top treatment. It rolls in a reverse direction away from the glass to conceal roll and roller mechanism.

Bottom Bars Roller Shades
Bottom Bars

Finish the look with a fabric-wrapped or painted metal bottomrail. For a complete color match, select the aluminum bar heat sealed into a hem pocket — edges are also sealed.

Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades Kitchen and Dining Room
Alta Roller Shades available in the Tri-Cities area

Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades

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