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Graber Traditions® Wood Shutters

Graber Traditions® Wood Shutters

Enjoy Graber Traditions® Wood Shutters in the Tri-City Areas

Graber Traditions® Wood Shutters are 100% North American hardwood premium window treatments. Graber Wood Shutters are an investment in quality with hand-crafted range of styles to choose from.

Graber Wood Shutter Options


Graber Traditions Wood Shutters - Standard Panel
Standard Panel

Rectangular-shaped panel covering entire window.

Graber Traditions Wood Shutters - Café

Classic style covers the bottom part of the window; allowing light to enter through the top while maintaining privacy.

Graber Traditions Wood Shutter - Bypass Track System
Bypass Track System

Panels slide on double track attached to frame or mounted.

Graber Traditions Wood Shutter - Double-Hung Shutters
Double-Hung Shutters

Top and Bottom panels hang in same window but operate separately.

Graber Traditions Wood Shutter - Arch or Angle Top Panels
Arch or Angle Top Panels

Whole window solution for rounded shape of full arch windows or angles of slated windows.

Graber Traditions Wood Shutters - French Doors
French Doors

Mounted to French doors, curved or rectangle cutout options for door knobs or handles

Graber Traditions Wood Shutters - Sunburst Arches
Sunburst Arches

Sunburst louvers cover unique window silhouettes such as eyebrow, elongated, and elliptical arches

Graber Wood Shutters French Doors and Cafe Shutters
Graber Wood Shutters featuring French Doors and Cafe Style

Louver Sizes

Graber Wood Shutter - 2½
2½” Louver

Perfect for small window and cafe height

Graber Wood Shutter - 3 ½” Louver
3 ½” Louver

Popular louver size

Graber Wood Shutter - 4 ½” Louver
4 ½” Louver

Great for larger windows

Graber Wood Shutters Living Room
Graber Wood Shutters Living Room

Certified Best For Kids

The Best for Kids program is a third-party certification program designed to help consumers and retailers identify window covering products that are certified as safe for homes with young children. 

Graber Traditions® Wood Shutters

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