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Graber Aluminum Blinds

Graber Aluminum Blinds

Enjoy Graber Aluminum Blinds in the Tri-City Areas

Graber Aluminum Blinds stand out from other mini blinds because of the reputation for dodging dust, stains, and scratches. Offers maximum light control and budget-friendly price.

Aluminum Blind Options


Graber Aluminum Blind - Micro

½” slats great for small windows and French Doors

Graber Aluminum Blind - Standard

1″ slats for standard-sized windows

Graber Aluminum Blinds - Grandeur

2″ slats for larger windows

Graber Aluminum Blinds Girls Bedroom
Graber Aluminum Blinds available at Classic Window Fashions in the Tri-Cities area

Control Types

Graber Vinyl Blind Wand Tilt
Wand Tilt

Instead of cord, a single, slender wand closes blinds; available with cord lift

Graber Vinyl Blind Cord Tilt
Cord Tilt

Easy-to-operate, durable cord tilt allows you to close slats more tightly; available with cord lift

Graber Vinyl Blind Ring Tilt with Ring Lift
Ring Tilt with Ring Lift

A ring replaces the tilt wand so that rotation of the control pole opens and closes the slats

Graber Vinyl Bind Motorized Tilt
Motorized Tilt

An alternative to cords with easy operation at the touch of a button; available with cord lift

Light and Privacy

Graber Aluminum Blinds NoHoles

For maximum privacy and light control, all route holes on each slat are eliminated.

Graber Aluminum Blinds Cloth Tape
Cloth Tapes

Strips of colorful fabric cover the route holes on each slat, protecting privacy, and allowing less light.

Graber Aluminum Blinds Living Room
Graber Aluminum Blinds great blinds for your whole house

Certified Best For Kids

The Best for Kids program is a third-party certification program designed to help consumers and retailers identify window covering products that are certified as safe for homes with young children. 

Graber Aluminum Blinds

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